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About Cafe Downtown Galway

Whenever people think of a great place to try kebabs and pizzas, Cafe Downtown comes to mind. We have people coming here from all over the town!

We have always strived to offer our customers with a wide variety of kebab and pizza takeaway options, and continue to do so in our endeavour to enlarge the menu. We also go to great lengths to improve the quality of our food items to ensure that our valued customers receive food items and quality services worth their money and more.

We have also made our services easily accessible to our customers in every way possible. Our customers can not only obtain their choice of food from our establishment at Upper Abbeygate Street, but they can also order online through our website and also over the phone, and have their food delivered to their very doorstep.

We take pride in the quality of service that we have been able to render to our customers, but at the same time, we continue to strive in order to make the experience even better for our customers.

Cafe Downtown Galway Restaurant

If you are looking for us Galway, the endeavour would be a fairly easy one. We are located at: 29 Upper Abbeygate Street in Galway We have put in place a team of super-friendly customer service associates who will provide you with every assistance that you need starting from locating the food centre to choosing the best items from our extensive kebab and pizza takeaway menu. After all, we do our best to create the perfect customer experience!
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